About Us

We are a Community of top Educators and Mentors Working hard to improve the lives of students by offering them the greatest career guidance and recommendations.


Our mission is to provide the most affordable academic support, soft skill Technology, career guidance and counseling to the student so that they can find their perfect, happy, and fulfilling careers and make the right decision to become a successful person and find the best career opportunities.


Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of the student by providing them the best Academic and Career guidance services. Working to be the most trusted Edtech for academic, career and Tech support company to provide the best possible way for people to find their career path and to help them succeed in their chosen field with academic excellence.

Things that make us proud

Our core beliefs serve as a solid framework for our goal and obligation to transform the counseling landscape in India.


With analytics tools, to help you share with current and future clients.


All services for our team of industry experts, personal training.


All services for our team of industry experts, personal training.


All services for our team of industry experts, personal training.


Total collections, quoting, enrollment, and reporting in hindi and English.


We can help you set up and manager your groups if you are become our partner.


We can help you set up and manager your groups if you are become our partner.


We can help you set up and manager your groups if you are become our partner.

Our Team


Prateek Tiwari

CEO and Founder


Shivani Garg

CEO and Co-founder


Pramod Pathak

Business Advisor


Rahul Mishra

Angel Investor

What Do We Do?

1. One-on-one call with counsellors and mentors: This allows students to get personalized guidance and support according to their specific situation.

2. We connect students with people who understand their challenges: By speaking with someone who has gone through similar challenges, students can feel more motivated and encouraged.

3. We provide a variety of resources: As we know that if the wrong coaching institute is chosen, it could lead to further difficulties in preparing for exams correctly therefore PrepsGuide offers a range of resources that can help students in their exam preparation, including coaching institute recommendations, college recommendations, paper attempt strategies, career goals, tips for handling exam stress and many more. We also help students to maintain balance between board exams and competitive exams: This is crucial for ensuring that students are able to achieve success in both types of exams.

4. We Reduce the feeling of discouragement among aspirants: When students feel supported and have access to the right resources, they are less likely to feel discouraged about their career prospects.

5. Counselling sessions:  PrepsGuide offers both one-to-one and group guidance sessions.

6. Get guidance for choosing the right career path: The students can get valuable guidance which will help them to make the right decision about their future career.

7. Reduces stress levels: The platform helps reduce stress levels by providing access to relaxation techniques and other support tools.

8. We Help To Know The Right Paper Attempt Strategy: Another challenge that many students face is knowing the right paper attempt strategy. This platform provides an opportunity for them to know about such strategies from experienced people who have been through this process themselves before.

9. Availability: Another upside of PrepsGuide is that it provides less time consuming process. It can take a minute to connect with mentors and counsellors for support.

10. Unlimited Access: PrepsGuide offers unlimited access to students and counsellors. No long wait times for calls, and students will be able to get in touch with us to get help immediately.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Prepsguide is established with the intention of providing the most affordable and helpful platform for Academic and career guidance to students in order to locate the right, satisfied, and fulfilling career, as well as make the right choices to become a successful individual.
  • We provide students with the opportunity to consult with the finest experts in their field in person/live. Through learning from others’ experiences and working more efficiently and effectively towards their objectives, students can improve their chances.
  • We have hand-selected a group of top performers from a range of locations, cultures, and experiences in the past. Because they have been there themselves and are familiar with all of the challenges that one might face, our experts can assist and counsel students in their critical journey to locating their ideal career opportunities.
  • Our team is capable of assisting and counselling students in their quest to find the best employment opportunities.

FAQs About Prepsguide

The first and only platform in India that enables students to prepare for competitive tests like the IIT-JEE and NEET-UG, the CA foundation exam, the Gate exam, the UPSC exam, and other government exams is called Prepsguide. Interact immediately over the phone with the top mentors and counsellors. The mentors and counsellors are available for the candidates to speak with directly regarding the best preparation plan, board examinations, paper attempt strategy, reference books and study materials, coaching, handling exam stress, etc.

Students may search for and connect directly with counselors of their choosing career options using the platform offered by PrepsGuide. The student can choose the day and time of the call from a list of booking slots.

You can click on the sign-up button given in the application and fill in the basic details mentioned in the sign-up form. Once you verify the phone number, you will be registered as a user on the platform and you can book your call with us.

Yes, we provide courses on the career building skills like digital marketing, GSOC, graphic designing, stock marketing etc.

If you face any issues/problems with the service and would like a refund please write to us at help@prepsguide.com and our team will assist you further.

All users in India are welcome to utilise Prepsguide.